Like most middle-aged men I like football, computer games, and scantily clad women. The new campaign site for Coke Zero manages to combine all three in a rich, immersive online gaming experience that’s as addictive as the drinkitself.


By trying to tap into the Carlsberg/Lynx audience (guys like myself, and those a lot younger), Coke have developed ‘Football as it should be’. The aim of the game is to help some lucky guy get to the Coke Zero lounge before the big game starts. Based over four levels, all of which combine brilliant video execution, multiple interaction methods and a trio of beautiful women to aid you in your challenges. These include jumping bridges, breaking down walls with a dragon ball and kick-ups with a ball of fire.

The visual execution is a cross between Quentin Tarantino’s Bullet Proof and a Bruce Lee movie – dark and full of texture. Just like a good film, the site is well paced, well structured and rewards the user throughout. It demonstrates clearly how broadband is giving big brands the opportunity to engage with the gaming audience. Where once they were limited to in-game advertising, now they’re able to create and own the experience!

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