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LYNX Anarchy: The World’s First Invisible Ad

People passing by a street in Sydney were handed polarised glasses which unlocked the content of the invisible screens, upon which the visuals couldn’t be seen by the naked eye. And in typical Lynx fashion, the content was out there, with couples making out and random dogs swimming in a room of water! Created by  Soap Creative.

Found on Digitalbuzzblog


Intel’s Virtual Footwear Wall for Adidas Turns Boutiques Into Shoe-topias

Intel partnered with Adidas to show off what the wall might look like, and the results are pretty sweet. Designed by U.K. shop Start Creative, the wall renders products in 3-D, and allows a shopper to spin and zoom in on the shoes, and call up specs from a touch-screen display. Particularly hot models, like the company’s F50 soccer shoe, have accompanying video and relevant information (like the fact that F50-clad feet scored 44 goals in last year’s World Cup).

Via Fast Company

Old spice

Digging the new NFL old spice adverts. The site’s great as well. Designed by Cuban Council, they also designed the Facebook logo.

Antwerp Zoo campaign

Just saw this on Creative Social. From Boondoggle in Belgium (The people who gave us Banner Concerts).

I’m not an expert in FemCare, so I won’t comment about the Mooncup (although it doesn’t look very comfortable). These posters are all over the tube at the moment, and they grabbed my attention (some nice typography, and a URL that I could remember) – but what really interested me was the thought of the male equivalent . How would I illustrate ‘The Purple Penetrator’ or ‘The Beef Bayonet’? Also, Love my doesn’t sound as nice, a bit scary if anything.

Want to attach content to barcodes?

, claims to be “a fun and social way to attach digital content to real world objects” which sounds very interesting. Imagine the possibilities for on-pack promotions – buy a can of Coke, scan the barcode, and a whole range of digital/exclusive content (photos, videos, music etc) is automatically delivered direct to your mobile phone. Scan a cereal box barcode and get recipes, attach a video to a birthday card (Stickybits also allow you to print your own unique barcodes for personal use). It all sounds great, but there’s a massive barrier, the consumer needs to download the app in order to get the content. Will apps like this ever replace the simple mechanic of a text message?

Milky milky

If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to milk a cow by hand – here’s your chance! It’s disturbingly addictive.

By Perfect Fools

Mentos beat box

I never saw this when it was first released. Cracked me up. By B-Reel and BBH London.

Lean Mean Fighting Machine – Another knockout punch

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Creative showcase winner, September 2009. Watch the video. It’s a great campaign.

more about “Lean Mean Fighting Machine“, posted with vodpod

Twitter banner by Weapon 7

Screen shot 2009-10-13 at 13.02.23

FAS Aware banner highlight the dangers of drinking alcohol during pregnancy. By Weapon7

The Space Chair Project

The Space Chair Project

Working closely with Grey, we ( recently launched The Space Chair Project for Toshiba. Two days to create, with over 300 submissions in three days.



Overheard on Creative Social blog. At last, a banner that serves a purpose.


Agency Republic has just launched the first ever world wide internet shoot-em-up for Killzone 2

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