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The Olympic infographic


Artist Gustavo Sousa has reinterpreted the five Olympic rings as a series of infographics, comparing statistics across the five continents. The statistics range from comparisons of how many McDonald’s outlets there are per continent, to more serious statistsics about gun ownership and hazardous waste.

Via @CreativeReview


Antwerp Zoo campaign

Just saw this on Creative Social. From Boondoggle in Belgium (The people who gave us Banner Concerts).


SOUL IN THE STREETSOasis have just released this HD documentary online, billed as ‘Dig Out Your Soul In The Streets‘. The black-and-white footage was shot by The Malloys, who have more famously directed videos for The White Stripes.

The video, which lasts 18 minutes, follows Oasis in New York during September 2008 shortly before they delivered their ‘Dig Out Your Soul’ album. We see the band teaching street musicians how to play several of the band’s latest tracks. A very original idea.